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WNAX schedule in 1929

The book House of Gurney was published in 1929 commemorating the 63rd anniversary of the Gurney Seed and Nursery company but also the 8th anniversary of 570 WNAX-AM which had signed on in 1921. It's worth pointing out that WNAX did a lot of publishing. In addition to the above, they had their seed catalogs, there were vocational learning newspapers, The Common Sense newspaper, innumerable cook books, and then what at first appear to be at least two teen interest books.

The books were both also printed in 1929. Messages to Boys was written by Edmund Reed Gurnsey, clearly a member of the family. But these are not adventure stories, these are stories, parables intended in instill moral guidance. Edmund had nicknamed himself the "Radio Philosopher" and every Sunday evening for an hour he lectured and gave advice intended to make young men into upstanding citizens. It sounds a tad patronizing.

Radio Heart Throbs was written by Pastor Denton E. Cleveland. So Heart Throbs turns out to be a collection of sermons. He writes in the introduction "at the request of hundreds of friends for a printed copy of sermons that your Radio Pastor has given. I am putting seventeen years of my life of ministry into this book...we hope that it will serve as a personal handclasp in friendship and heart –to- heart talk..." So he does not mean Heart Throb in that sense. Despite the fact that the etym0ology of that phrase goes back to the 1820s. Both books were printed by the Verstegen Printing Co., Sioux City, Iowa on cornstalk paper. [More here]

The schedule included is meant to be generic, it doesn't mention a specific day of the week, but I'm assuming it's somewhat representative. So I wanted to post a chunk of their schedule. More here.

6:00 AM Variety Entertainment

Welk's Novelty band Lawrence Welk's first band

Bill's Harness Makers

Master Co. Music Makers I hope this is connected to Master Liquid Hog Tonic

Battery Boy's Program Jada Wyman & Bill Goodrich

Sunshine Paint Orchestra Performed at Daum's Opera House with Lawrence Welk's band

Old Time Variety
7:30 Children's Variety Hosted by "Aunt" Esther Smith and Roy Eastmanaka "Harmonica Dutch"
8:00 Price Quoting Hour

Old Time Melodies This could be the syndicated NBC program

Gurney's Hawaiians Bob, Lon & Frances Kia

John Jensen, songs A harmonica & guitar player

Happy Jack's Trio Happy Jack O'Malley

Esther Smith, Contralto "Aunt" Esther Smith again
9:00 Radio Orchestra

Sunshine Coffee Boys Happy Sunshine Coffee Boys, Violinists, Eddie Dean and Johnnie

Grain and Livestock Markets
10:00 Sacred Services Pastor Denton E. Cleveland did a 20 minute weekday service and more on Sunday with studio choir

Meridian Trio Nancy Wyborny Gurney (aka Aunt Sammy) , Harvey Nelson & Corenne Horst

Art Haring, Cornetist Often played with Corenne Horst

J.V. Barborka, Harpist Joseph V. "Dad" Barborka
11:00 Old Time Variety

Concert Orchestra Orchestra directed by Art Haring

Grain and Livestock Markets
12:05 Announcements

Weather, News, Markets

D.B. Gurney, President Deloss Butler Gurney
1:00 Concert Orchestra Orchestra directed by Art Haring

Gurney's Hawaiians Bob, Lon & Frances Kia

Grain Market Close
2:00 Welk's Novelty Orchestra Lawrence Welk's first band

Sunshine Coffee Boys Happy Sunshine Coffee Boys, Violinists, Eddie Dean and Johnnie

Saxophone Quintet Frank Hobbs, Harvey, Paul Donnelly, Zeke Stout, Rolly Chesney, John Matuska (also a member of the Royal Serenaders)
3:00 Harmony String Trio

Earl and Esther, Duets "Aunt" Esther Smith probably with C. Earl Williams

John Jensen, Songs

Edith Gurney, Soprano Sang Irish songs with Alice Williams on Piano
4:00 Radio Orchestra

Gurney's Hawaiians Bob, Lon & Frances Kia

Bohemian Program polka and/or polish language program

Old Time Variety
5:00 E. R. Gurney Ed Gurney and wholesome moral talks

Little German band There were multiple bands in the region, by this name in that era.

George B. German, Cowboy A country guitarist and singer, later host of RFD

Musical Clock Program This is a long-running thing in radioland there were numerous musical clock programs. . More here.
6:00 Weather, News and markets

Delila Jorgenson

Hawaiian Melodies

Sunshine Cord Orchestra Sunshine Cord Tire Orchestra: Harvey Nelson, John Matuska, Zeke Stout, Charley Steinbach & Jada Wyman
7:00 H. Lemke, German singer Herbert Lemke, mostly sacred songs in German

Gurney Little Symphony

Hubbard Milling Trio sponsored by the Hubbard Milling Co.

Radio Orchestra

E.R. Gurney Ed Gurney again
8:30 Sign Off

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