Fictional Radio Stations

This began in July of 2007  with a short list of fictional radio stations. I will continue to add to it here as a static page.

BDRX - Bedrock, prehistoric USA, The Flintstones
FFOM - W. Heyliger book "Hey You're On the Air"
FKIP - W. Heyliger book "Hey You're On the Air"
FWWO - W. Heyliger book "Hey You're On the Air"
KACL-AM - From the TV show Frasier
KADS - All advertisement radio, from Duck's Breath Mystery Theater
KACL-AM - from the TV show Frasier half talk , half salsa
KBHR - From the TV show Northern Exposure
K-Billy- From the film Resevior Dogs
KCPY - Used in season two of Knight Rider
KCUF - From the book The Crying of Lot 49
KDUM - From the comic Garfield and Friends
KFLH - From the TV show Full House
KGAB - From the movie TalkRadio
KGBY - From the Three Stooges (1945) Micro-phonies
KJCM - From NBC's Midnight Caller television series
KKHV - From the movie Back to the Future
KLOW - From the TV Show Hello Larry
KOLD - From the cartoon TV show Sponge Bob Square Pants
KORN-AM - From the TV show Hee-Haw
KPPX - From the classic rocker movie Airheads
KXVU - From the cartoon TV Show South Park
WBBY - From the comic strip Doonesbury
WDPN - From the Adventures of Superman radio serial
WENN - From the Movie Across the Universe
WEZY - From the Movie O' Brother, Where Art Thou
WFBB - From the TV show Seinfeld
WGAB - From the 1934 Paramount film Gift of Gab
WHOGG - From the TV show Dukes of Hazard
WINO - From "LP "Take Offs & Put Ons" by George Carlin
WKRP - From TV show WKRP Cincinnati
WKOK - From the Coca-Cola toy radio station
WLT - From the Garrison Keillor novel WLT: A Radio Romance
WMCY - From the Kurt Vonnegut novel Breakfast of Champions
WNYX - From the TV show News Radio
WOW - From the TV show Happy Days
WPIG - From the Movie Wayne's World
WSNO - From the Dept 56 model toy
WVUX - From Action Comics #12 featuring Superman


  1. WENN - From "Remember WENN" on AMC (much missed)

    I'll have to go back and see if I can find the call letters, but the Daily Planet ALSO had a radio station featured in a couple episodes of the Superman radio programs c. 1944 or Mutual.

  2. If you find the call letters please do fill me in.

  3. Looks like it was just "The Daily Planet's Radio Station," sans calls. Nutz.

  4. Finally! Someplace in '48, The Adventures of Superman used a call the the Daily Planet's station, the inventive WDPN. They'd also broadcast over something like the "Continental Network." I don't really remember the name and I'm nearly finished listening to the ten+ year run of the show and probably won't ever to back to it. Just suffice to say that radio got fairly short shrift from a newspaper!

    It is surprising how similar Bud Collier's "Clark Kent" voice was to George Reeves. And whatever actor played Perry White in the radio show was as apoplectic as the TV version ever was. Great Caesar's ghost!

  5. *updated. thank you for helping out!

  6. Don't forget George Carlin's classic early routine about "Wonderful WINO" radio! Arbogast and Ross's 50's comedy hit "Chaos" was set in radio station KOS (k-os.) Hudson and Landry's "Friar Shuck" routine on their LP "Losing Their Heads" includes a parody station break for KWFM and KWFM-FM. And then there's P.D.Q. Bach (Prof. Peter Schickele) with his CD "WTWP: Classical Talkity-Talk Radio."

    Some old Woody Woodpecker cartoons include radio mikes with the call letters WLP; this was an inside-joke reference to Walter Lantz Productions.

  7. Found another fictional radio station associated with Supe -- in Action Comics #12, May 1939, "Superman Declares War on Reckless Drivers." Superman goes to station WVUX and "pushes himself onto the air," educating the listenership that "more people have been killed needlessly by autos than died in the World War." Then the Man of Steel zooms off the wreck a bunch of dangerous old cars being sold in used car lots.

  8. Long time reader, first time commenter.

    WART radio is the name of Little Pete's radio station in the Adventures of Pete & Pete, most prominently in episode, "A Hard Day's Pete."

    Thanks for the great blog!

  9. what about "Play Misty for Me" KRML was the studio, but was that what he said on the air?

  10. I don't remember. I suppose I have to re-watch.

  11. KJCM 98.3fm is a mythical San Francisco radio station where Gary Cole as Jack Killian plies his trade as "The Nighthawk"....on "Midnight Caller" which aired on NBC from October 25, 1988, to May 17, 1991. Cole as Killian, a former police detective who is forced to retire. Becomes a late night radio talk host and ends up helping solve crimes through his interaction with callers on air. Great Show.

  12. Anonymous5:41 AM

    WOLD Harry Chapin song

  13. WPIG was (if i recall correctly) also used in the television program, "WKRP". mentioned several times throughout the run, but i remember specifically in a Thanksgiving special where a bunch of turkeys were dropped from a helicopter.

  14. Anonymous5:21 PM

    This'll sound contradictory, but here's a page of genuine fictional radio stations. Meet the late Wayne Phinney: