Redd Foxx Dooto Records Discography

I spent a few hours with my Redd Foxx comedy LPs and pieced together what I believe to be his complete Dootone and MF records Discography.  If you spot an omission feel free to fill in the blanks. Some of the information came from a partial Dootone discography here. This list began with a blog post on his time in radio here.

DTL01   - The Best Laff
DTL214 - Laff Of The Party Vol. 1
DTL219 - Laff Of The Party Vol. 2
DTL220 - Laff Of The Party Vol.3
DTL227 - Laff Of The Party Vol.4
DTL234 - Best Of Foxx Vol. 1
DTL236 - Laff Of The Party Vol.7
DTL249 - Burlesque Humor
DTL253 - The Side Splitter Vol.1
DTL265 - The Laff of the Party Vol. 8
DTL270 - The Side Splitter Vol. 2
DTL274 - Best of Fun (Red Foxx and Others)
DTL275 - Racy Tales
DTL290 - Redd Foxx Funn
DTL295 - Sly Sex
DTL298 - Have One On Me
DTL385 - The New Soap/Song Plugging
DTL390 - The Jackasses/The Race Track
DTL397 - The Honeymooners/The Sneezes
DTL402 - Beans And Pineapple Sauce/The Army
DTL408 - The Two Oars/The Preacher's Bicycle
DTl411 - The Dead Jackass/Women Over Forty
DTL416 - Real Pretty Baby/It's Fun To Be Living In The Crazy House
DTL418 - Best Of Redd Foxx Parts 1&2
DTL421 - The House/Sex And Orange Juice
DTL426 - Hollywood Playboy/The Dogs Meeting
DTL436 - South Of The Border/The Plastic Surgeon
DTL453 - The Dear John Letter/Honesty Is The Best Policy
DTL455 - The Shoe Shine Boy/The Royal Thighs And Others
DTL458 - 118 Ways To Make Love/Pregnancy Co-Operation
DTL460 - No Teeth/With My Teeth/The Best Years/Deep Sea Diver
DTL464 - Christmas Hard Ties/Jaw Resting
DTL801 - Laffarama
DTL804 - Wild Party
DTL809 - This is Foxx
DTL815 - He's Funny
DTL820 - Red Foxx At Jazzville U.S.A.

RF1 - Laff Your Head off
RF2 - Laff Your Ass Off
RF3 - Redd Foxx At Home
RF4 - A Whole Lot of Soul
RF5 - At His Best
RF6 - Doin' His Own Thing
RF7 - Say It Like It Is
RF8 - Is Sex Here To Stay
RF9 - Where It's At
RF10 - Huffin' And A Puffin'
RF11 - I Am Curious, Black
RF12 - Three Or Four Times A Day
RF13 - Mr. Hot Pants
RF14 - Hot Flashes
RF15 - Restricted
RF16 - Superstar
RF17 - Spice can Be Nice!