Voice-O-Graph Labelography

This is my Voice-O-Graph Labelography as the information currently stands. Remaining work needs done in the area of date confirmation and integration of the anachronistic metal-core green label discs. Later variants also prove perplexing. I also do not discount the possibility of more color variants. [Contributions are always welcome if anyone knows more.]

Red Top on Yellow: Unknown, assumed to be first disc1943?

GEM Mutoscope Disc: 1945?

Red on Yellow: 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947

Red on Beige: 1946, 1948

Red on Unbleached: Unknown 1940s?

Red On Blue: Years 1947

Teal-on-Unbleached : Year: 1948 (assumed)

Blue on Blue: Year: 1948

Black On Red: 1948

Black on Green: Years: 1949, 1951,1953 - 1955 (also had metal core variant)

ESO Mutoscope Disc: 1950s?

Mutoscope Black Label: (45 rpm) Years????

Black on White (punched) (78/45 rpm) 1957, 1959

Black on White (unpunched) (78/45 rpm) 1957, 1959

Red on White (4 holes): Unknown assumed 1960s?

Red on White: Unknown assumed 1960s?

Blue on White: Unknown assumed 1960s?

Black on Yellow: Years 1964?

Black on Red: Unknown assumed 1964?

Yellow Label Unknown assumed 1964?