Golden Mike Awards

The Golden Mike awards were given to outstanding woman broadcasters and executives in following categories: service to community, service primarily to women and service primarily to youth. Today there are few if any civic-minded awards in broadcasting... this is one I wish could make a come back.

I've done my best to piece together all the winners of the McCalls Golden Mike Awards for the known years for 1951 through 1965. Some awards are given out for specific work in one year, but granted in the following year leading to some disambiguation in the broadcaster's own biographies. Some awards were also given jointly, I've listed those names separately for clarity. In several cases the winners later married, or remarried leading to a mix of surnames on their obits. I've left those a mess I'm sure. Some ladies won more than once further confusing secondary sources.

Further confusion is caused by the American Legion award of the same name, also granted in the 1960s.  Note: the award was discontinued by McCalls in 1965, and brought back by AWRT in 1967 according to a Sept. 1967 issue of Broadcasting Magazine, so there were no awardees in 1966.

There is also disambiguation between the year of publication and the year of the award. The 1951 awards were announced in May of 1952. Different sources may refer to awards by either year, including McCalls themselves. I have stuck with year of publication for consistency. I have added an asterisk by the year of all fully corroborated awardees, preferred sources being MCalls, and/or Broadcasting Magazines.



  • Elizabeth E. Marshall - WBEZ & WIND, Chicago, IL
  • Kit Fox - WLW Cincinnati, OH
  • Mary St. Clara - WKBB Dubuque, IA
  • Edythe J. Messerand - WOR New York, NY
  • Bee Baxter - KSOO Sioux Falls, SD
  • Helen Faith Keane (Reichert)- WABD-TV New York, NY
  • Dorothy Gordon - WQXR New York, NY


  • Agnes Moorehead - A one-woman show on Suspense, "Sorry Wrong Number"


  • Judith Cary Waller - WMAQ Chicago, IL
  • Bea Johnson - KMBC-TV Kansas City, MO


  • Angela McDermott - WGBH-TV Boston, MA (2x winner)


  • Pauline Frederick - NBC network TV (2x winner)
  • Vi Stokesbury - WQAM Mimi, FL
  • Marjorie King - KNBC-AM San Francisco, CA
  • Lillian Lee - WLWA-TV Atlanta, GA
  • Joan Crowther - WNCH-TV New Haven, CT
  • Maggi Byrne - WNBK-TV Cleveland, OH
  • Dorothy "Dotty" Hansen - KGO-TV San Francisco, CA


  • Helen Duhamel - KOTA-TV Rapid City, SD
  • Delvina Wheeldon - WCKY Cincinnati, OH
  • Ida (McNeil) Anding - KGFX Pierre, SD


  • Phyllis Knight - WHAS-TV Louisville, KY (2x winner)
  • Alma Vessels John - WWRL New York, NY


  • Susie Strother - WJLB Detroit, MI
  • Ellen Stoutenberg - WIP Philadelphia, PA
  • Patti Cavin - WRC - Washington, DC
  • Mildred Freed Alberg - NBC network TV
  • Mercer Livermore - WKKO Cocoa, FL
  • Marge Miner - KFEQ-TV St. Joseph,  MO
  • Sophie Altman - WRC-TV Washington, DC


  • Angela McDermott - WGBH-TV Boston, MA (2x winner)
  • Lillian Brown - WTOP-TV Washington D.C.
  • Rozell Fabiani - WRBL-TV Columbus, GA
  • Martha Crane - WLS Chicago, IL
  • Jo Sherman - NBC's Monitor New York, NY
  • Marie Fraesdorf - KVOA-TV Tucson, AZ
  • Alma Bates - WIAQ, WBIQ & WCIQ Birmingham, AL
  • Nancy Robertson - WSLS Roanoke, VA
  • Pricilla Young - WSLS Roanoke, VA


  • Pauline Frederick - NBC network TV (2x winner)
  • Norma Goodman - KTVA-TV Anchorage, AK
  • Sunnie Jennings - KDKA-TV Pittsburgh, PA
  • Frances L. Morris - KWTV-TV Oklahoma City, OK
  • Polly Weedman - KOTA Rapids City, SD
  • Betty Adams - WBZ-TV Boston MA
  • Virginia K. Bartlett - WHDH-TV Boston, MA (2x winner)


  • Rachel Waples Stevenson - WTTW Chicago, IL
  • Joyce Marron - KGGM-TVKABC-TV, KNME-TV Los Angeles, CA
  • Valena Minor Williams - WABQ Cleveland, OH
  • Nancy Clark - KTVB-TV Boise, ID
  • Kathryn "Kitty" Broman (Flynn) Putnam - WWLP Springfield, MA


  • Marciarose Shestack - WRCV-TV Philadelphia, PA
  • Deborah Miller - WCAU-TV Philadelphia, PA
  • Phyllis Knight - WHAS-TV Louisville, KY (2x winner)
  • Anne Slack - NETRC (public TV) New York, NY
  • Virginia K. Bartlett - WHDH-TV Boston, MA (2x winner)
  • Patsy Avery - WTVM-TV Columbus, GA
  • Helen C. Ryan - WTHI-TV Terre Haute, IN


  • Ruth Lyons - WLW-TV Cincinnati, OH 
  • Marlene Sanders - WNEW New York, NY
  • Alice Weston - WIIC-TV Pittsburgh, PA
  • Lucy Jarvis - NBC network 
  • Ella Harllee - WRC-TV Washington D.C.
  • Helen Kimball - KIRO Seattle, WA
  • Marty Camp - KOMO Seattle, WA


  • Genie Chance - KFQD and KENI Anchorage, AK
  • Betty Lou McVay (Varnum) - WOI-TV Ames, IA
  • Louis Brooks - WTTW-TV Chicago, IL
  • Esther Donat Griswold - KOMU-TV Columbia, MO
  • Gwen Harvey - WCCO-TV Minneapolis, MN
  • Myriam Luz - WHOM New York, NY
  • Ethma Odum - KALB-TV Alexandria, LA
  • Lee Phillip - WBBM-TV Chicago, IL
  • Pricilla Young - WSLS Roanoke, VA (2x)


  • Lucy Jarvis - NBC network
  • Dick Trembath - WKYC-TV
  • Doris Freeman - WDXI-AM and WDXI-TV
Dolly Banks Shapiro - WWDB-FM and WHAT-AM Philadelphia, PA
Marian Adean "Maeve O'Brien" Plowman
Fannie M. Steve - WHA Madison, WI

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