Saturday, April 20, 2019

Nielsen Radio Survey (Part 7)

And after it's over you receive a postcard thanking you, and again reminding you to return the diary for your long-promised $10. Mine was slightly mauled by the post, but the gesture remains clear.
My only afterthought these weeks later is how the diary system subtly prompts you to favor terrestrial AM and FM radio.  The instructions  specifically direct you to label stations as AM, FM, Internet or satellite. There are check boxes for AM and FM for you to do that, but none for Internet or Satellite.

The notion of podcasts not even addressed. TV content is routinely time-shifted now with DVR technology etc. Radio programs are as well in the form of podcasts, and other pre-recorded programs etc. But this minutia may not matter in the grand scheme of their survey system. The Nielsen survey seems geared toward live terrestrial radio, perhaps to the detriment of the other content providers.

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  1. ThresherK9:00 PM

    I am also a radio geek, and have two TV diaries done in my life (one Nielsen, one Arbitron).

    As someone who continually tunes the car radio while driving, I may listen to programming (songs, talk) on as many stations in one hour as the diary appears to have room for all day.

    I wonder if this idea of diary timing has changed since analog tube radios.