Saturday, March 26, 2022

Glaskarten Archiv


Kait Moon aka DJ Glas has dug into her archive and posted a few episodes of her old radio program on KAOS some 20 years ago. The audio quality is actually really good, maybe even better than the new programs. So this is a great place to start your goth and synth rock flash backs. She was on air for about 5 years but only about 20 programs were saved.

You listen at her Mixcloud here [LINK] but you can also unlock content on her patreon site here [LINK]. Below is a list of what's been posted thus far, it's almost an entire day of audio.

03-17-2003 PART 1
Saint Paddy's 2003
03-17-2003 PART 2
Saint Paddy's 2003
12-09-2002 PART 1 All German Show
04-21-2003 PART 1 The crunchy oontz oontz Show
04-21-2003 PART 2 The crunchy oontz oontz Show
03-24-2003 PART 1 Hope and Despair
03-24-2003 PART 2 Hope and Despair
03-03-2003 PART 1 New Music 2003
03-03-2003 PART 2 New Music 2003
01-03-2003 PART 1 The Sloooow Show
01-03-2003 PART 2 The Sloooow Show
04-14-2003 PART 1 Driving with Joe
04-14-2003 PART 2 Driving with Joe
07-21-2003 PART1 Kaits Birthday Show
07-21-2003 PART 2 Kaits Birthday Show
2021 EP 1
Starting at the End
2021 EP 2
Death Means Nothing
Love: LUST [1 of 3]
02-14-2022 EP4
Love Letter to the Planet

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