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WGTB Schedule (Part 2)

Georgetown University fired station man­ager Ken Sleeman in December of 1975 trying to purge the liberals, hippies and other radicals from the station. God forbid that gay people exist or that races intermarry. Nixon's impeachment hearing began in the Spring of 1974 and conservatives were feeling vengeful. I do believe that mood led to the administration's attack on WGTB over the course of the following year.

When we fast forward to the WBGT schedule of January 1976 we see a surprising number of consistent programs. Multiple semesters have passed and the programming has not changed wildly.

Some programs did change time slots, but they may also be pre-recorded. Other programs continued with the same hosts in the same slots and yet others continued with new hosts and of course some new programs debut. helpfully some show notations help fill in the names of hosts and co-hosts from years earlier.

Gone is the Brass Monkey Show, Skip Pizzi presumably graduated.  Keyboard Filter, Radio Free shire, Disk Memory and Spiritus Cheese all continue as do the LBGT programs: Friends, Sophie's Parlor, and the Feminist Radio Network. The schedule below is from January of 1976, again sourced from FM Forecast. At the time Georgetown University is publicly debating the future of the station.

06:00 PM - Quadrophenia - w/Euclid, Quad segment using the SQ & QS systems
09:00 PM - Wet Pages - Maria Enrico & others read contemporary literary works *Maria is presently the Chair of the Modern Languages Department at Manhattan Community College
09:30 AM - Radio Free Shire - w/ Prof Mota *aka Leo del Aguila, former music director
11:45 AM - Midday Alternative News
12:00 PM - Feminist Radio Network/Sophie's Parlor Present - More here.
12:30 PM - Sophie's Parlor - More here.
03:30 PM - Spiritus Cheese Natural Rhythm Show - More here
06:00 PM - Them & Us - A weekly labor show featuring information about issues affecting working people *possibly connected to the book of the same title
07:00 PM - Two Hours From Taurus -  w/ Geri Mellow synthesized specialties etc.
09:30 PM - Bead Intervals with Marty, interesting music & occasional spoken word
12:00 AM - The Abnormal Radio Hours - w/ Mike Hogan *Aforementioned writer for FM Forecast

06:00 AM - Sparking Pace - Progressive music with Bambi Evans *Bootlegs of this program
09:00 AM - Open Forum
09:30 AM - Radio Free Shire -w/ Jude
11:30 AM - Midday Alternative News
12:00 PM - Living For the City - w/ John Barber: issues of interest to the black community *John Barber made the move to WPFW and stayed there through at least 1985
12:30 PM - Court of  Miracles - Music with pep
03:30 PM - Spiritus Cheese - More here
06:00 PM - Friends - More here.
06:30 PM - Evening Alternative News
07:00 PM - Random Radio Hours - Pamela Evans, progressive music *Possibly the same Pam Evans that was chief engineer at WGMS in 1973.
09:30 PM - Black Fire w/ Jimmy Gray *Later had shows on WHUR and WPFW. He was a promoter, distributor and, record label owner. He needs a biography. LINK
12:00 AM - Clark Kent & Collective State of Quack LINK

06:00 AM - At Home, At Work, At Play
09:00 AM - Catalyst - Produced by G.U. Campus Ministry, Host is Fr. Bob Rokusek, S.J. *Bob went on to perform interfaith marriages in the early 80s. More here
09:30 AM - Radio Free Shire -w/Geri
11:45 AM - Midday Alternative News
12:00 PM - Watchdog - for consumers with Lenore Pomerante
12:30 PM - Early Afternoon - w/ Skip  *Skip Pizzi?
03:30 PM - Spiritus Cheese  *More here
06:00 PM - Interface - Public affairs  *More here.
06:30 PM - Evening Alternative News
07:00 PM - Sophies Parlor - More here.
09:30 PM - Abstraction Show - with John Paige *Now  Co-hosting "Rock Continuum" on 94.3 WOWD-LP with Steve Lorber
12:00 PM - Keyboard Filter Show/ Jonathan Eberhardt *Eberhardt was an  award-winning aerospace writer who also was a folk singer. He died in 2003. More here.

06:00 AM - At the Risk Of Seeming Tired w/ David Selvin: Polka Music, traffic & sports *He was "indefinitely suspended" for airing a bootleg recording of William Burroughs in 1975. [LINK] Locally known author and painter, he went on to produce his program at WPFW after the shutdown. He died in 2010.
09:00 AM - Phenomena - Howard Goltz explores the paraphysical world
09:30 AM - Radio Free Shire w/Jim features astrological forecast, live local artists & progressive morning music
11:45 AM -  Midday Alternative News
12:00 PM - Critique - Geri Calkins & Ruth Stenstrom critical reviews of plays movies books, art & interviews with authors, actors & playwrights *Geri was also a "staff administrative assistant [LINK] Ruth is an Art Therapy Director today [LINK]
12:30 PM -Thoughts on a Grey Day - progressive music w/ Mike Cullen *Cullen was one of the signers of the "Too Valuable to Lose" letter to La Hoya  in 1978. More here.
03:30 PM - Spiritus Cheese Natural Rhythm Show- with Mark Gorbulew featuring live interviews nat'l and local recordings artists plus progressive jazz - More here
06:00 PM - Open Forum - Public Access program, listener comments are aired live & selected letters from listeners are read over air.
06:30 PM - Evening Alternative News
07:00 PM - Tea Time w/ Mark Garbin, progressive music
09:00 PM - Take One - Local & national musicians perform live from Sounds Reasonable Studios *Later was the source of live sets for WHFS. Operated through at least 1979. Owned by Fred Wygal
09:30 PM - What is Reality? - Ken Sleeman *Former station manager, may or may not have been doing the show at this point in time.
12:00 AM - Me & the Animals w/ Bill Sacks, progressive music

06:00 AM - At the Risk Of Seeming Tired 
09:00 AM - Bread & Roses - arts & social & Political values
09:30 AM - Radio Free Shire w/ Mike Queen
11:30 AM - Midday Alternative News
12:00 PM - Speakeasy - w/ Ken Rothschild: public affairs phone-in show on current social topics
01:00 PM - Mzz Frizzz Presentzzzz - Folk Country, blues, jazz & rock
03:30 PM - Spiritus Cheese Natural Rhythm Show - More here
06:00 PM - Interface - More here.
06:30 PM - Evening Alternative News
07:00 PM - Quadrophenia with Euclid - Quad segment using the SQ & QS systems
09:00 PM - Horror Show - Prof Mota presents progressive modd music Mota *aka Leo del Aguila, former music director
12:00 AM - Positivity  - w/ Eric Small: music from the black scene *Small started at WGTB in 1973, and appeared in La Hoya with co-host Dan Hayes with a program called "Flight Time."

06:00 AM - The Too Early on Saturday Show - Prog. Music
08:30 AM - Taking Time for Children w/ Eleanor Hickey & space cadets: music stories & poetry *Hickey stayed on and became Promotion Director in 1977
09:00 PM - I Thought I heard Buddy Boulden Say... - classic jazz & blues from the 20's, 30's and 40's. with history & commentary provided by Royal. *Named for a tune by Jelly Roll Morton, but hosted by author W. Royal Stokes!
12:00 PM - Feminist Radio Network - More here.
12:30 PM - Sophie's Parlor - music & information *More here.
03:30 PM - Magascene w/ Skip
06:00 PM - Friends -  A program about gay people in Wash. area.*More here.
07:00 PM - Ozone Hours - w/ Earendil , Prog. music plus 
09:00 PM - The Hard Implosion - w/ Fred Cresce Prog. rock *Hosted by Jeff Bender and Fred Cresce, program started in 1975. Arguably a precursor to the first metal programs.
09:30 PM - Firesign Theatre radio series, Dear Friends *Dear Friends was a live radio program performed on KPFK. There were 21episodes aired between Sept.16th, 1970 and Feb. 17th, 1971
12:00 PM - Corpus Callosum - Ken Moss & Rich Stevens features classical / progressive rock combinations

06:00 AM - Morning Modulations - Progressive Music w/ Frank Tolin *Frank was later the engineer for the After Hours" program on WGMS.
09:00 AM - The Disk Memory Show - Host Alan Lee plays features collector items from the formative years of rock & roll plus interviews with personalities of the era 1955 - 1962. *Lee came from WMAX/WXDT the carrier current predecessor of WKDU at Drexel. He was later host of Doo-Wop Sounds on WPFW. More here.

12:00 PM - The Stump Jumpers Revisited - w/ Greg Barrett, Country rock , C&W, Bluegrass, R&R, Jazz plus prose & poetry readings *Pianist, organist, singer and songwriter  More here.
03:00 PM - Big Empty Space - with John Strider, rock & country rock *Also hosted he Cosmic Burnout show and the Galactic Mindfuck Show
06:00 PM - Eclectic Brew - w/ Peter Barry Chowk.
09:00 PM - The Abstraction Show - with John Page, progressive music
12:00 AM - Mystic Eyes - w/ Steve Lorber, English music of the 60's, Punk Rock & rock music origins *Now  Co-hosting "Rock Continuum" on 94.3 WOWD-LP with John Paige

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