Friday, December 20, 2019

News and Reviews 2019

Best Posts:
I'm very pleased with the series I've been doing on LGBT radio. There are a some white papers out there, and literally one text book.  So my articles are some of the only solid source material available on this topic, on the free internet. I have more planned, stay tuned. Back in October I wrote a solid piece on the now forgotten Daytime Broadcasters Association. Back in August I wrote up a newly discovered radio script for Adventure Theater. I got to be part of a Nielsen study and back in the Spring I wrote a long-needed biography for Brian Rust. Good times.

Most Popular Posts:
My most popular posts haven't changed in years.  Since 2009 the most traffic has gone to a post about Peter Tripp.  This is what I call the post that Reddit built. It remains an aberration in my web-traffic with 96k+ hits. I did eventually collate a list of all Radio Wake-a-thon records here. My 2007 post on the Career Academy of Famous Broadcasters continues to earn comments from it's legion of former students. It remains a top hit on Google. In third place a 2010 post on Barn Dance programs remains popular. My readers continue to debate if I was unfairly harsh to Kevin Metheny. I think not, but he died in 2014 so I have hopes that's on the wane. I am pleased that Noise From Neville comes in 6th, as eventually finding the man himself led to two more WRIU centric posts [LINK]. Altogether it's blown past 1.3 million page views.

Best Radio Station:
I have been listening to more jazz than anything lately. So WKCR remains at the top of my list beside KMHD, WZUM and the mysterious online station Black Artistry Radio.

Best Radio Show:
I've been rocking episodes of Blues Before Sunrise on KMHD and the Moth Radio Hour on NPR. It's not adventurous but it's where I am at right now.

Best Zine:
I read Keith Rosson's Avow zine compilation The Best of Intentions. It features selections from Avow issues #1 through 10, and the complete issues of #11 through 16. If you haven't read it, let me tell you it's 288 pages of punk rock life vaguely similar to Burn Collector and Cometbus. I've also been devouring everything published by Amphetamine Sulphate. These are not zines per se, but more like novellas and chapbooks. But long live indie publishing.

Top 10 Records of 2019
  1. Matana Roberts - COIN COIN Chapter Four: Memphis
  2. Austerity Program - Bible Songs
  3. Metz - Automat
  4. Tool - Fear Inoculum
  5. Tanith - In Another Time
  6. Whitechapel - The Valley
  7. Pile - Green and Gray
  8. Long Sought Rest - Sacred Objects
  9. Multicult - Simultaneity Now
  10. Girlband - The Talkies

Also Notable...  Human Impact (coming 2020), Sacred Reich - Awakening; Overkill - The Wings of War,  Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind, Black Midi - Schlagenheim - Show Me The Body - Dog Whistle, 70 cm³ Of Your Chest - When I Was A Dinosaur, Bats - Alter Nature

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