Thursday, August 15, 2013

Earthquake on the Radio

Because radio stations broadcast more or less continually natural disasters are often recorded on the air. On the news this morning I caught bit of footage of a quake shaking up the morning DJs on 102.7 Classic FM in Seddon New Zealand.

The USGS estimates there are an average of 50 earthquakes each day in the world. But because people prudently dive under the furniture and into doorways we often lack coverage of these events. As often as they are marked by emergency information they are marked by silence, or people cursing and fleeing the studio. Below are a few that are committed to tape.

1 comment:

  1. LOL @ the extra added comments in the clip from New Zealand...usually the same types of things I'm thinking when I watch CNN.

    As a long-time California resident, I've heard a lot of these over the years as they happened. I think it was 1990 when a mere 5.2 in Claremont was perfectly aimed to make the CD player skip all the way out in L.A. at KLOS.

    I just hope that, somehow, KNX survives when SoCal has its inevitable Big One. I don't think anybody else in the market is staffed or equipped to do anything other than to plug into a TV station's audio feed.