Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Transcription Mystery Disc #141

This is a 78 rpm RCA Victor Phonogram brand home recording acetate. It has a rather flimsy paper core and is 8-inches in diameter. It is quite clearly in bad shape with both physical damage, flaking, warping and dirt. The center hole was also tight enough I had to file it to fit; indicating that it may even have shrunk. My expectation was that this would sound very poor. I must be decent at this because this rip sounds much better than you'd expect.

It's labeled clearly enough that we can tell that it is a dub. At first I thought that it referred to the Crown Records budget record label started by the Bihari Brothers in 1957. But this is actually from the original label in New York which only operated 1930 to 1933. Adrian Schubert was their Recording Director, managing the studio band. So in this case Adrian Schubert is both artist and staff.

The only other disc of this make I've seen had a metal core and a different label.  It came from the 1940 World's Fair, so  with some reservations assume this has a similar date. If I had to venture a guess, I'd err on the side of it being after 1940, since paper core discs generally do.

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