Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Transcription Mystery Disc #107

I picked up two Cliff Morey branded 10-Inch 78 rpm acetates a couple years ago. I ripped one about this time last year. Both blanks are clearly made by Capitol, probably at the same plant that made Pro-Disc acetates. The address on the label  is 15409 Fenkell Street, Detroit, MI. Today it is a vacant lot. The priot disc was not labeled at all, but this one thankfully is. The artist (presumably) is Billie McGill.

The song "Goofus" is an instrumental played on piano and fiddle (in this version) was written around 1930 by Wayne King. It was covered in the 30s by Paul Goodwin, the Cumberland Ridge Runner, then later by Les Paul,  The Carpenters and even Chet Atkins. This is clearly an early version.

Cliff Morey's name, address and phone number are right there in bold print and a year later I've never found another byte of hard information elsewhere. I did find one bit of tangential but possibly unrelated information. There was a Cliff Morey employed as monotype machinist at the Sun and later at the Daily News. This is no direct connection, but the era and the region are at least correct and a machinist is a credible character to operate recording hardware.

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