Thursday, August 19, 2010

Radio News January 1930

I got my hands on another short stack of old issues of Radio news. This  issue is from January of 1930. The cover image is of a vacuum tube no doubt relating it to the cover article by Lee DeForest. Note the headliner is an article by Herbert Hoover Jr.  That's not President Hoover, it does in fact refer to his son.

Hoover Jr. Worked for Western Air Express, A private airline contracted by the US postal service to carry airmail. He set up their communications system in 1930. Hoover writes about his amateur station 6XH,which was then used instructionally at Stanford University. The article seems to review what is now obvious: that weather information is useful to pilots. But in 1930 this was a brand new commercial industry. It's just one of the many dated but interesting articles and vintage advertisements herein.

You can get all 58 Mb

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