Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc #81

I can find no reference anywhere for this brand and make of transcription blank. It's a 12-inch aluminum core disc with intact labels on both sides. Side A is perfect, but Side B has some cracking and a large piece has flaked off preventing play of that portion. Each side has several false starts, and whole blank tracks. The flake is unfortunately from a successful recording... now lost forever. All remaining audio was of surprisingly good fidelity.
Interestingly on what I take to be Side A the last track was recorded with a center start. All other tracks start at their outside edge. The Side B label is blank, but the Side A label lists the names Carpy, Mel, Ede, & Harry. The program is "Soapy Quiz." It's put together to resemble a radio quiz complete with fake sponsor "soapy suds." It ends with a recording actually from the radio of some bland ballroom music.

In the days of radio quiz programs and soap operas there were a great number of soap and detergent sponsors: Super Suds, Duz, Rinso, and many others. At first I thought it might be an actual program, but the flubbing of lines was a dead giveaway. The host is clearly a teenager, and the other actors adults. On the other side George Howard plays a little piano before the recording engineer flubs the take.

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