Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc #84

This is the best mystery disc ever. The blank is clearly made by capitol, probably at the same plant that made Pro-Disc acetates. The man's name, address and phone number are right there in bold print and I cant find a single byte of information else-wise.

The address 15409 Fenkell Street, Detroit, MI is at the intersection of Fenkell and Prest Streets; four corners occupied by the palms night Club, a pizza joint and two empty lots. The empty lot is where Mr. Cliff Morey should reside. But once there stood an appliance company that specialized in radios and apparently... recording. I found a few addresses in an undated directory for Fenkell street. It's probably 1950s and it does have that address but it lists both Lloyd's Hardware and Lowe Bro's Paint glass & Tool... No Cliff Morey. I have two discs.. each side is a completely different recording. This one has the best clarity and the only spoken segment of introduction.

It spins at 78 rpm and starts at the outer edge. One disc has two tracks on one side. This one plows straight through. The intro says "This record recorded especially for ray Benny dance studios..." then he names a neighborhood or a street that sounds like "Waltkline." The rest of the recording is piano and dance instruction "Jump-shuffle-step-step, step-kick-hop."


  1. Pennywhistler11:04 AM

    What's the mystery?

    It's a beginner's dance practice record, made so the studio didn't need to pay a piano player to be on board for beginners' classes.

    So far as I can tell, the recording was made for a guy named "Walt Kline" at the dance studio.

  2. The Mystery is simple.. Who is Cliff Morey?