Friday, November 06, 2009

The FCC Quadrennial Review

On November 3rd 2009 FCC Commissioner Michael Copps spoke at the launch of the FCC's Quadrennial Review. He was eloquent as he often is. He spoke at some length on the heedless consolidation of media companies fueling the downturn of that industry and the current death throes of news media.
You can read his complete comments here.
"As for government and the FCC, we’ve been asleep at the switch when we weren’t being downright destructive. Twenty-plus years of heedless deregulation eviscerated almost every public interest guideline we had. Media companies took advantage of that. Don’t blame them. Blame us. And while I’m on that, let me say right here that there are many broadcasters who strive to serve the public interest and who do darned good jobs of it. But their ranks have been thinned, to say the least, and we’ve made it—Wall Street and Washington, DC have made it—ever more difficult for them to act as they would like to act while the tune has been called by Wall Street and see-no-evil government regulators."

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