Friday, August 07, 2009

Institute of Radio Engineers

Today radio is organized. We work together, we lobby, we fight and we sometimes cooperate. we have the EEE, ARRL, Prometheus Radio Project, NAB, CBI, and many other groups. Organizing began early in the history of radio. One of the earliest groups, the Institute of Radio Engineers was established in 1912 in New York. The Institute included some smaller organizations including the Society of Wireless Telegraph Engineers, and the Wireless Institute.The IRE was formed by a number of ex-members of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. These expats considered too focused on electric power. the goal was that the IRE would be more broadly focused and to have international outreach. It did, but the AIEE didnt' vanish into the ether.

The IRE continued on for another 41 years publishing it's proceedings as a journal edited by Alfred N. Goldsmith. The IRE was involved in the in the legal construction of the FRC (now FCC). They worked well with standards associations such as the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, the Radio Manufacturers Association, the Radio and Television Manufacturers Association, and the National Television System Committees on Standards.

Then in 1963, they merged with the American Institute of Electrical Engineers to form IEEE. The very group who's conservative ways had driven them off, had eventually drawn them back in.

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