Monday, March 09, 2009

Parakeet Audio

As a crate-digger I do come across the odd train-your-parakeet record. This one I felt compelled to share as the audio included a recording of an actual trained parakeet, not just a woman repeating simple words over and over. it also had a tenuous tie to a program I covered once previously.

On the back was another surprise. It was not made by Hartz Mountain. The record was made by Custom Sound recording Studios 1563 Sherman Avenue, Evanston Illinois. Their catalog includes six other train-your-parakeet releases and one of the Parker canaries singing with blended organ music. That last one is obviously an ode to the American Radio Warblers.

This parakeet is named "Little Peter Parker" and he says a number of things you would not expect a parakeet to say.

"Sprechen sie Deutsch"
"Spottie is studying mathematics, Austin Texas"
"I'll play bridge of I'm dummy."
"Happy is the man that findeth Wisdom"
"Let's have another cup of Lipton's tea"
"Zippity doo dah zippity aye"
"watch the Fords go by"

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