Monday, November 06, 2006

Radio Preachers part 1

Three names never before combined in one sentence: Bob Larson, Geraldo Rivera and Jesus.

I first heard of Bob Larsen from world-renowned mega-prick Glen Benton, singer of the death metal band Deicide. At the time Glen was leveling physical threats against Bob. Somthing silly about branding inverted crosses on his ass or something. Bob retorts days later on air with silliness about holy armor and the virility of Jesus or some crap. I wish I kew how that started.

Bob Larson, was once described by a critic as "the Geraldo Rivera of Jesus radio." That's because he is:
A.The host of a christian talk program
B. A meglomaniac attention-whore with a overgrown moustache.
(just kidding, it's really more of a beard than a moustache.)

His program is Talk Back with Bob Larson was launched back in the Regan era. It's a Christian talk radio program heard throughout the United States and Canada. His prime obsessions are centered around debunking science, attacking NASA and in general trying to disregard the last century of technology and medicine. He's the kind of primate that makes the other monkeys look bad. He's type of guy that sneaks on to your school board and tries to get the word evolution scrubbed from Biology text books. (Don't laugh. It's happened in some states) He's been heard on major market outlets like KVTT in Dallas, 760 WCHP-AM Champlain & Montreal QC, WFTL Ft. Lauderdale, and 1280 KXEG-AM Phoenix. His monistry of course is based in Denver. after a breif absence he returned to the air in 2004.

On another interesting note, Bob claims that NASA has "made the late Carl Sagan the patron saint of the search for life on other planets. Our space program is driven by occult inspiration, not scientific investigation." Yes, he actually said that. He accuses NASA of being a federally funded satanic organization. Oy vey. He also performs an on-the-air exorcism to protect us from the evil hoards of Samhain on Halloween. Good job Bob, keep those naughty naughty satanic astronauts at bay. But like most radio evangelists, his career has been continually marred by the perpetual pitfalls of infidelity, embezzling, tax evasion et. al. nothing new here.

In 1993 Larson appeared as a guest on Ft. Lauderdale radio station WFTL, denouncing death-metal bands like Slayer and others as "posers" who are merely in it for the money. But when host Pat Stevens asked him whether he was in the ministry for the money, he indignantly said that he was "insulted" that she would even ask that question... Of course he always closes with a request for your pledges.

It was that line that spurred a mild-mannered CPA to call in and tear him to bits.

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