Friday, July 25, 2008

Bone Conduction Radio Show

Found this by accident. There's a great number of shows that are great, but only extant briefly and we the many miss that window. This one used to be a show at WEMU.

After a short tour at WAAM-AM host Thayrone X went down the road to WEMU with a milk crate of vintage R&B. The program began January 8th 1984. And was ended (supposedly) when Host Thayrone X, began broadcasting Pro-Bush Jr. propaganda. GM Art Timko (supposedly) had a real problem with Thayrone's political views. Well most any sane american with an IQ over 50 does too, but in America you allowed to be an idiot and even a bigot if you so choose. But that idiot had about 8,000 listeners according to the Detroit Metro Times. In fact, Bone Conduction raised more money for the station than any other single show in the station’s history, according to station manager Art Timko.

Thayrone did shows at WIQB in Ann Arbor back in 1985 and WNIC and WLLZ in Detroit. He did nights at country station WSDS-AM in Ypsilanti, and afternoons at WIBM-AM in Jackson, MI. . He did it all, all formats, all time slots. He was a born radio man. In real-life Thayrone X is known as Terry Hughes. In 2003 Michiguide reported that Terry Hughes had been hired by Clear Channel's AC station WQKL-FM 107.1 in Ann Arbor. He also was in the band the Witch Doctors. He left WEMU willingly in 1985 but by January of 1989,he'd been lured back by the freedom. That second reign was cut short.

In his version of the events leading up to his firing, he was fired for his pro-conservative comments on air. In his own words
"I stated on The Bone Conduction Music Show on March 30, 2003 that I support our President, our Troops and their mission in Iraq, and their bravery."
Somehow I expect there was more to it. I beleive that the comments were pro Bush Jr. and pro war. But I expect there was some right-wing rhetoric in there, maybe a little hate-speech. It was a big enough event that stories ran in The Detroit News and even on Detroit Channel 7 Action News. Sounds dirty. If what he says is true, then I have to take his side. ...Even if he's got his head up Dick Cheny's ass. More here.

Bone Conduction Music Show aired in seventeen other markets via NPR.
WQJJ The Fox, 97.7 FM, Jasper, AL
WALW 98.3 FM, Moulton, AL
KSTK 101.7 FM, Wrangle, AK
WAAM-AM 1600 AM, Ann Arbor, MI
WRVG 93.7 Georgetown, Ky
KUMR 88.5 FM, Rolla, MO
KGLP 91.7 FM, Gallup, NM
KFJM 90.7 FM, Grand Forks, ND


  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    No, what he 'said' wasnt true. He was bounced for not running NPR news at the top of the hour, bashing the station and then after he was let go, he was running to babble about his poor life and crying like a baby on Rush and O'Reilly's radio shows for being fired for his political views. Even the station manager of WJR in Detroit, home of right wing talkers said he would have fired Thayrone too if he had failed to run the news.

    He's an idiot and fits right in with Savage and Dr. Laura on the lowest rated station in Ann Arbor. You should do some more homework.

    And he's in a lousy local white blues band too...

  2. Please re-read the post. I think my oozing sarcasm conveys my doubts. Often in writing about discontinued obscure programs I find I have few sources to work from. In this case, all involved parties were CLEARLY partisan and cast doubts on their respective versions. Having some first-hand knowledge, maybe we should get your version.