Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The very limited radio dial of Greenwood

Greenwood South Carolina is in Greenwood county. Its very ... country out here. Most of the FM band is christian and country stations, and most of the AM band is in spanish. The local paper, The Star & Beacon, today has a story on cattle rustling on the top flap of the front page. The last gas station I passed on the way here [the intersecion of routes 378 and 178] had an active beekeepers box on the front porch AND IT WASN'T LOCKED! Normally out in the woods I can find an eclectic gospel station, an odd-ball oldies outlet...

Greenwood is supposed to have one Adult Standards station 1450 WCRS-AM and even one LP station, a very mysterious WHZK 97.7 FM. Sadly WHZK does not appear to be on the air... or its signal is even wearker than the mere 36 watts it is licensed. It is interesting to note that they are owned by the South Carolina Mass Choir Inc. Which may or may not be the same musical group recording for Meek records out of Chicago. WCRS-AM plays a load of right wing talk I can hear anywhere and didnt seem to play a lick of nostalgia until they hit a sammy Davis Jr. cut around 9:45 PM. The rest was Soft AC filler.

They have nothing in common with the Other WCRS radio [Written Communications Radio Service] That WCRS is a content provider for RRS services. Whats a RRS service? Its a radio reading service for the blind. http://www.wcrsradio.org/
I posted on that a while ago Back in June ‘05

I was in Columbia yesterday which was far more exciting. I had the pleasure of listening to about 4 hours of WUSC programming. http://wusc.sc.edu/ I heard a number of shows, including: Outer Spaceways Incorporated, About That, The Adventures of... and Bitch stole my fish. At about 2:00 the 90.5 signal began to fade out.

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