Monday, March 27, 2006

The Last Leg

Greenville, NC has a couple things wrong with it as a city, not just a market. The loop around it is route 264. Then 264a and 264 alt criss-cross it. At more than four spots you can find yourself at the intersection of 264 and 264. I had to use a compass to even find my hotel.
I began wishing I could use a Radio Compass. But alas we were not at sea. Very near to it though. In the same market is the town of Washington. It's about 30 miles further East and has a little patch of Atlantic shore line.
I was able to catch a little of 105.1 WDLV-LP and was tally let down when I heard yet more christian rock.. .they are the 6th christian outlet in the market. (why dont Buddhists or Muslims or Jewish people ever start religious radio stations?) I was hoping to have time to catch 106.9 WUBN-LP in Wilson and 95.9 WZNC-LP in Roanoke Rapids. But rumor is that those are christian outlets as well.

Greenville-Jacksonville-New Bern isn't totally without good radio. They have 100.7 WRVA for Triple A, 91.3 WZMB for a little College variety a fun service of East Carolina University. WRVA runs mostly the standard Triple A fare. But WZMB is a real mixed bag. Some shows are strikingly professional. Others are... not.

I tuned into WKNC 88.1 for the drive to the airport this morning. interestingly enough the story Corps bus should be driving thru Fayetteville just today as I am departing.

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