Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hybrid radio Formats

I saw this blurb the other day on Fybush: WSDM-FM 97.7 Brazil/Terre Haute IN moves to 92.7, where it flips from oldies (now heard on WAXI 104.9 Rockville IN) to country/rock hybrid "Crock 92.7." Crock? What the hell is Crock?

Some of our most recent format innovations are merely hybrids of two previously existing formats. For example:

Classic Hits + Hot AC = Jack FM
Adult Standards + Triple A =Red (formerly WRDA St. Louis)
Country + Rock =Crock
Latin + Urban =Hurban

The idea that merging two formats to grab listeners from two audiences is not new. In practice it rarely works. But in the case of country and classic rock at least they have the same demo. I've actually heard the outlet in New Orleans carying the Crock format: KKND, which previously had been off the air since Hurricane Katrina re-launched with the new format 1/29/06. Initially descrbed as a "Rock/Country hybrid" with the brand name: Rockin' Country 106.7

The other outlet, whom I beleive to be the originator is 92.7 WSDM Terre Haute, IN. that was November 1st 1005. It was signifigant enough that Billboard wrote it up. Yhe claims that nothing sounds like Crock are true. The claims that no radio staiton before them has mixed country and rock.. are a crock.

95.5 WSM-FM Nashville has been known to mix in a little Eagles and John Mellencamp. 92.5 WYUU in Tampa was also a rock and country hybrid, but back in 2005 then began leaning further and further country; eventually rebranding as kick ass country. They flipped Spanish Con. back in August 2005 never looked back.

KKND is already going the way of WYUU; leaning way country and perhaps playing one rock-ish cut every 2 hours. WSDM is supposedly sticking with some kind of 60/40 split, but I've never heard it myself.

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