Tuesday, May 12, 2015


If you were interested... as part of the 10 year decennial I wanted to high light the 10 most popular posts at Arcane Radio Trivia. First a disclaimer. I do not have data going back to the very beginning and obviously older posts have had more time to accrue unique hits. So there is some bias here, but honestly the most of these are over 5 years old— who cares?

1. 200 hours of Peter Tripp - Jan 20, 2009 [LINK]
This post has had over 100,000 hits, thank you Reddit. If you Google Peter Tripp this blog usually makes the results on the first page, and is linked or credited as a source by most of the others.

2. Career Academy School of Famous Broadcasters - Dec 18, 2007 [LINK]
Little did I know that hundreds of the students who attended this school were looking for their classmates. They have been using the comments section of this post for years now to leave emails and phone numbers for spammers to spider with extreme prejudice. If you Google the school name this post typically the top result.

3. Barn Storming and Barn Dancing - Dec 8, 2010 [LINK]
I have no idea why this was so popular. Perhaps more people are into line dancing than I feared.

4. Pig Virus Kevin Metheny - Jun 21, 2010 [LINK]
This post got popular every time Howard Stern complained about Metheny. When he died in 2014 Stern called him a "Nazi Vampire" and I had another surge of hits.

5. Fractal Antenna - Aug 10, 2011 [LINK]
My failed attempt to make a fractal antenna with coat hangers remains strangely popular.  Tens of thousands of people have turned to this post to explain basic geometry. Hopefully they are not too disappointing.

6. The Oldest Baseball Radio Broadcast - May 30, 2013 [LINK]
I suspect this is baseball fans and not radio fans but I welcome their web traffic nonetheless

7. The Cancer Inside Wikipedia - Dec 13, 2010 [LINK]
I don't think there is anyone left at Wikipedia but the trolls.  I think this hit close to home for some admins over there as it received some direct responses. My predictions continue to come true. As of this week they are now getting hit in the press for hoarding millions in cash while asking for donations.

This was about KUSF. I was lucky enough to take it's last moments and that link was shared around the web and the world by mourning fans.

9. The Five Broadcasts of P.J. Wodehouse - Nov 22, 2013 [LINK]
Once in a while I write something vaguely highbrow.. it's rare anyone reads it.  I did a survey a few years back and readers asked for more international radio stories. In this case I was able to oblige.

10. Vacuum Tubes and Thallium - Jun 6, 2011 [LINK]
I have no idea why this rates so high either.  It knocked a 2007 post "Phenol, Edison, Bayer and Records" off the list, so someone is reading it.

On my static pages I learned that people continue to like reading random lists of things. I continue to cater to them and their overstimulated brains. Here is that Top 5.

1. DJ Marathon Stay-Awake Records -  Apr 27, 2012 [LINK]
This is juts spill over from that original post that Reddit linked.

2. Voice-O-Graph Labelography - Oct 29, 2014 [LINK]
This was a multi-year project I continue to add on to. I may have invented the word "labelography" in the process. 

3. The Very Pleasant Neighbor Discography - Oct 4, 2011 [LINK]
I had the pleasure of seeing VPN perform a few times and was disappointing to see they had no web presence. For a couple years I maintained a website for them in tribute, but it was lost in the great server crash of 2013. This post is all that remains.

4. Redd Foxx Dooto Records Discography - Apr 7, 2012 [LINK]
This was so popular that Wikipedia stole the entire post verbatim and didn't have the courtesy to refer to my post as the source. Ungrateful bastards.

5. List of Radio Strikes Apr 27, 2014 [LINK]
I thought this should exist so I did the research. If just one college thesis refers to this as a source, I will feel validated.