Wednesday, March 12, 2014

RCA Victor's In The Groove

RCA Victor's "In The Groove" was in circulation beginning in March of 1946 and running into 1949. they operated under editor Frank O'Connell until 1948 then Charles Schafhauser. (Schafhauser had previously been a script writer at WPEN in Philadelphia.) In the Groove was a small 12-page, 9' x 6' magazine featuring their own artists promotional fluff. It also contained RCA-centric radio news for it's radio-centric readers. While this January 1949 issue has the total unknown Jane Pickens on the cover other issues bore the faces of  Wayne King, Perry Como, Louis Prima, Sammy Kaye, Charlie Spivak, Desi Arnaz,  and Erskine Hawkins.

This issue is notable for both containing a Leonard Feather feature on Dizzy Gillespie, a blurbs on  stations WKBW, WAAT, WJZ, and WBBC. But most importantly it announces "RECORD BAN OVER, " the end of the Petrillo recording ban. This was not the 1942 - 1944 strike but the later 1948 strike that was his personal downfall. Petrillo ended it in December of that year making 1949 a banner year for new recordings. Bebop had gone largely unrecorded because of the ban and Gillespie himself would have a banner year.

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