Thursday, May 19, 2011

Voice-O-Graph Labelography (Part 5)

This is my fifth update to my Voice-O-Graph Labelography project. I have three more variants for the list today. I have also changed the order the variants to better group and display the labelography as I understand it. I am still aware of one omission and I expect there are more. I have added two late era Voice-O-Graph discs that date consecutively with the Yellow-on-Yellow disc and a third that is a minor color variation on the common Red-on-Beige disc. It's only distinguishing characteristic is that the paper appears to be unbleached, it is otherwise identical. It may in fact be a blem and not a variant per se.

I've managed to break this out into groups that are more-or-less chronological. The first disc was early 1940s, and certainly pre-1943. It had a metal core and this was in turn replaced with another logo, the "banner logo" in about 1948. This new disc had a red and a green variant. The green version is much more common.In abotu 1957 that was replaced for a third time with a modification of the banner logo. The banner was smaller and more centered. I have very few confirmed dates on these. My assumption is that the first was the white one as it has a label. The red and yellow discs bodied that followed had direct-to-disc markings. As this woudl be cheaper, I assume it is a later version and also the last. The Empire State Observatory and the GEM discs are situational and not circulated otherwise.  My present assumption is that the black plastic Mutoscope disc is an import, probably British. The disc I cant figure out is the Blue on Blue disc. I'm aware of at least one variant so it had to have been circulated and it's dated to 1948. It may be another import or possibly just a short run. [Contributions are welcome if you know more.]

Red Top on Yellow: Unknown, assumed to be first disc1943?
GEM Mutoscope Disc: 1945?

Red on Yellow: 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947

Red on Beige: 1946, 1948
Red on Unbleached Label: Unknown 1940s?
Red On Blue: Years 1947
Blue on Blue: Year: 1948

Black On Red: 1948

Black on Green: Years:1951, 1955

ESO Mutoscope Disc: 1950s?

Mutoscope Black Label: (45 rpm) Years????

Black on White (45 rpm) 1957, 1959

Blue on White: Unknown assumed 1960s?

Black on Yellow: Years 1964
Black on Red: Unknown assumed 1964?

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