Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc #88

There was a cardboard box on a door laid across two sawhorses at a fleamarket. In the box was a 4 disc set of Edith Piaf 78s and two transcription recordings. At the time I didn't connect them I just bought the box. Now upon hearing them, and hearing that they are in french I am considering the possibility that Mrs. Piaf is somehow connected to this. She lived until 1963 so it's entirely possible, if not improbable.

The disc appears to be of French make: It's labeling is as follows: "Studio d'Enrigistrement." "Palais de la radio et du disque. Pour l'audition de ce disque l'emploi d'une aiguille speciale est absolument indispensible. I don't speak French but with a little work I make that out to mean "To hear this disc a special needle is absolutely indispensable" Studio d'Enrigistrement just means "Recording Studio. " That doesn't sound too specific but it's got a serial number: 85011. I wish it had a date.

On side 1 The narrator identifies himself as Art Ford and he directly addresses a man he calls Maurice Hart. There were radio hosts on 1130 WNEW-AM by those two names in the early 1950s. That cannot be a coincidence. they're plugging a movie called "Arc de Triomphe" which came out in 1948 approximately dating the recording. Side 2 is a voice test by some woman speaking in French. Maybe some skilled bilingual cal explain the gist of that to me.