Monday, October 19, 2009

The Fun of Short-wave Radio Listening

It was just a dollar in 1965. "The Fun of Short-wave Radio Listening" was written by Len Buckwalter and published by Editors and Engineers, Ltd. Despite it's 40-year vintage, it's content woudl hardly need updated for modern use. The cat's whisker was long gone and solid-state hardware was extant if only brand new.At least this part of the Skillfact™ Editors and Engineers, Ltd published a number of cheap hobbyist engineering books aimed at the amateur gearhead. The earliest of which "The Radio Handbook" I find published in 1947. I find works by Edward M. Nole, Louis Dezettel, Frederick Bricker, Donald Herrington, Jack Darr, and many others. Not that they were limited exclusively to radio and electronics, they also had works about astronomy and even concrete pouring. Buckwalter also wrote " ABCs of Citizen's Band Radio" and "The Wonderful World of CB Radio" Their catalog seems to end abruptly in 1984.

Unexpectedly I see their pamphlets cited as sources in text books. Uniquely of that group I see frequent contributions from Dezettel. He wrote frequently fro Editors and Engineers, but also for Audels and even Radio Shack. Interestingly this Skillfact™ book ends with a list of shortwave stations circa 1965, many of these of course no longer exist.