Friday, May 04, 2007

Shortwave Music

No post today, instead I refer you to the posts of another radio man.

Music on Shortwave radio is not a hi-fidelity stereo experience. Its mono, it's noisy, it's marginaly listenable actually. yes some stations perservere, perhaps obstinately in their regular programming. It's often from thousands of miles away, and almost exclusively DX.

Myke Weiskopf records, collates, contextualizes and posts semi-regulay about it here:

He's got clips from VOIRI, Radio Kuwait, FEBA Radio, HCJB, Radio Cairo, VOA, All India, KJES, NHK, and many more. Of particular interest is his taste for the way that Shortwave decimates, rearranges and alters the sound of even recognizable songs. He has a version of CCRs Suzie Q that sounds like it passed through a broken Moog, but really it just bounced off the atmosphere...