Monday, July 17, 2006

Fictional Radio Stations

As if the real radio stations weren't colorful enough. Movies, dramas, books and cartoons all see fit in invent their own caricatures. Click the header for a very complete list. I note my favorites below:
BDRX - Bedrock, prehistoric USA, The Flintstones
KADS - All advertisement radio, from Duck's Breath Mystery Theater
KACL-AM - from the TV show Frasier half talk , half salsa
KBHR - From the TV show Northern Exposure
KCPY - Used in season two of Knight Rider
KCUF - from the book The Crying of Lot 49
KDUM - From the comic Garfield and Friends
KKHV - From the movie Back to the Future
KOLD - An all senior citizen radio station from the cartoon Sponge Bob Square Pants
KORN-AM - from the TV show Hee-Haw
KPPX - From the classic rocker movie Airheads
WBBY - From the comic strip Doonesbury
WOW - from the TV show Happy Days
WEZY - From the Movie O' Brother, Where Art Thou
WFBB - From the TV show Seinfeld
WINO - from "LP "Take Offs & Put Ons" by George Carlin
WLT - From the Garrison Keillor novel WLT: A Radio Romance
WMCY - from the Kurt Vonnegut novel Breakfast of Champions
WVUX - From Action Comics #12 featuring Superman

There are three major oddities in this list of oddities:
  • 1. Only WZAZ appears in two different films as the same radio station: From the movie Airplane! and in movie The Big Bus. The name is a reference to filmmakers David Zucker, Jim Abrahams, and Jerry Zucker. Supposedly an all-disco station.
  • 2. The Simpsons reference radio frequently. Most often attacking easy listening. Of course they also mock other formats with equal impunity. This has spawned KBBL and KFSL, WOMB, KUDD, KOMA and others.
  • 3. WKRP Cincinnati. not only do we have a very fleshed out fake station, but also a host of their local competitors: WPIG, WTNA & WREQ. I'll write more about them some other time.
Based on this post I'm maintaining a more dynamic list on a page here