Fictional Radio Stations

This began in July of 2007  with a short list of fictional radio stations. I will continue to add to it here as a static page.

BDRX - Bedrock, prehistoric USA, The Flintstones
FFOM - W. Heyliger book "Hey You're On the Air"
FKIP - W. Heyliger book "Hey You're On the Air"
FWWO - W. Heyliger book "Hey You're On the Air"
KACL-AM - From the TV show Frasier
KADS - All advertisement radio, from Duck's Breath Mystery Theater
KACL-AM - from the TV show Frasier half talk , half salsa
KBHR - From the TV show Northern Exposure
K-Billy- From the film Resevior Dogs
KCPY - Used in season two of Knight Rider
KCUF - From the book The Crying of Lot 49
KDUM - From the comic Garfield and Friends
KFLH - From the TV show Full House
KGAB - From the movie TalkRadio
KGBY - From the Three Stooges (1945) Micro-phonies
KKHV - From the movie Back to the Future
KLOW - From the TV Show Hello Larry
KOLD - From the cartoon TV show Sponge Bob Square Pants
KORN-AM - From the TV show Hee-Haw
KPPX - From the classic rocker movie Airheads
KXVU - From the cartoon TV Show South Park
WBBY - From the comic strip Doonesbury
WDPN - From the Adventures of Superman radio serial
WENN - From the Movie Across the Universe
WEZY - From the Movie O' Brother, Where Art Thou
WFBB - From the TV show Seinfeld
WGAB - From the 1934 Paramount film Gift of Gab
WHOGG - From the TV show Dukes of Hazard
WINO - From "LP "Take Offs & Put Ons" by George Carlin
WKRP - From TV show WKRP Cincinnati
WKOK - From the Coca-Cola toy radio station
WLT - From the Garrison Keillor novel WLT: A Radio Romance
WMCY - From the Kurt Vonnegut novel Breakfast of Champions
WNYX - From the TV show News Radio
WOW - From the TV show Happy Days
WPIG - From the Movie Wayne's World
WSNO - From the Dept 56 model toy
WVUX - From Action Comics #12 featuring Superman