Thursday, June 08, 2006

Stupid DJ Tricks Part 4

This is a tad more recent. It all starts with a candy bar, and all ends with pregnant woman suing a radio station for $100,000 dollars in civil court.
Twenty eight year old Norreasha Gill was very excited about winning the contest. Unfortunately when she marched down to WLTO studios in Lexington, they were only prepared to Offer A Candy Bar. Gill was informed to show up at the Central Bank building the next day to receive her prize where she was then told it was simply a prank, that the contest was a “joke” and that she would not be receiving the money.

According to the complainant, DJ Slick, from WLTO-FM announced the 10th caller would receive “100 Grand”. Gill “reasonably believed she would receive $100,000 if she were the 10th caller”, according to the lawsuit. It's fair to say that DJ Slick knew the prize was really not $100,000 and falsely represented the prize with the intention to “cheat, defraud, and play a malicious joke upon plaintiff”.

Gill’s attorney, Lee Van Horn, filed the suit on Gill’s behalf and is seeking not only the $100,000 dollars but interest, punitive damages, her costs, and a trial by jury.

Sadly enough this is not the first time this particular radio stunt has been pulled!