Monday, July 11, 2005

If you're in New York this weekend...

This is news I feel I must relay to you all.

This weekend, Saturday June 16th the WA2XMN transmitter at the Armstrong Tower in Alpine New Jersey will be active again tune in if you can. The frequency will be 42.8 FM

OK, why should you care?

The alpine New Jersey site is a landmark of American broadcasting. This is the first site that ever broadcast FM. Edwin H Armstong invented FM broadcasting in 1933. His employer RCA was less than interested having been already strongly vested in AM. So in 1937 he did it by himself. Back then FM was 42-50 MHz FM.

This first FM radio station was W2XMN, broadcasting under an experimental license. He eventually built a network of relays taking the signal all the way to New Hampshire. Along the way the calls eventually were changed to KE2XCC and eventually to WFMN.

The fybush tribute to armstong is here: