Friday, May 13, 2005

Radio 666

Every licensed transmitter in the U.S. has a facility ID assigned to them from the FCC. It occurred to me today that since there are 14,000 radio staitons we are likely well into the tens of thousands on facility Ids. So some radio station out there has or had facility id 666. and infact yes there is. The lucky winner of the devils roulette wheel is...

WFTA 101.9 FM Fulton,MS

Service Designation: Full Service FM station
Channel/Class: 270C2
Frequency: 101.9 MHz
Licensed File No.: BLH-19870707KC
Facility ID number: 666
CDBS Application ID No.: 103454

Not a terribly exciting discovery in the end, WFTA appears to be a relatively typical AC station. They have strong coverage of the Tupelo, MS market but also appear to have some coverage of rural Alabama. This is a shame, since we all know the devil actually went down to Georgia.