Sunday, January 15, 2017


I discovered KCHUNG radio in of (all places), the Los Angeles Review of Books newsletter. They plugged an art showing of Keith Rocka Knittel. Apparently he holds an MFA from CalArts, and also hosts the Everything Must Go! radio show on KCHUNG. The radio station broadcasts on 1630 AM in Los Angeles. More here.

Their Part 15 status limits them to 15 watts on the AM band. This lets them squeeze into a limited but valuable slice of the Los Angeles radio band. They are on the same frequency as KLSD-AM in San Diego, and only 10khz away from KWRM-AM in Corona. But these stations are 120 and 50 miles away respectively. So in the daytime I'd except no trouble. KLSD powers down to 1000 watts at night, but KWRM only powers down to 2,500 watts so I'd expect a bit of interference there. KTDD-AM in San Bernardino is about 60 miles out and powers down to 600 watts at night and is 10 khz away so they too should be no issue either.

KCHUNG Radio was started by Mountain School of Arts student Solomon Bothwell in March of 2011. Their primary point of  presence beyond the radio band is their website which was created by Harsh Patel, and Luke Fishbeck. It's sole studio sits above a Pho 87, a restaurant In Chinatown. Though in 2013 it did broadcast for three-months as part of a "residency" at the Hammer Museum . A KCET-TV  Channel 28 interview he was described as follows:

"...Solomon Bothwell is here. He is tall, slight, and deceptively confident. He started KChung and the rest came into place, five nights a week, with 25 distinct shows of scheduled air-time, between the hours of 7 p.m. and midnight."

They further described the KCHUNG staff as "Los Angeles' bohemians." Just a reminder, bohemians aren't lepers. They are people who have informal and unconventional social habits, especially artists and writers. During that interview The Faraday Trippers were performing live. Their themin-based shoegaze experiment certainly fits that bill. The staff has expanded to some 100 DJs and a long waiting list. More here, here and here.

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