Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Radios that Work for Free

The Hope and Allen Publishing Company was founded in 1971. It publishes an odd mix of Books on poetry, radio, computers, and cook books. It currently operates from a PO box in Grants Pass, OR. But the book above lists PO Box 535 in Belmont, CA. But that was back in 1977. Radios that Work for Free cost $5.00 back then. Hope and Allen actually still publish the book, [HERE] though the price is now up to $12.965 but also available in a digital edition. My used copy cost 99¢.  Their website provides the following write up:
"Radios That Work for Free is a "How to" Book for all ages. This is the most comprehensive work of its kind. Not only does the reader get a new hobby but the skills necessary to continue in a science and art that needs revival. The projects can be built by the novice with assured success. Also all the projects are especially adapted for "kitchen table construction." For those who have been waiting for something to fill their hands and to stimulate their minds, their search is over. Years of research and countless hours of experimentation have been accumulated to provide this broad base for the beginner. You will fill many hours building, listening and experimenting with Radios That Work For Free."

His full name is unknown. Edwards signs the last page of text only with his initials K.E.E. It's clear from the technical knowledge that he is an engineer, and from the introduction that he lived at the time in the San Francisco metro area. He writes "The author can separate twenty stations in the San Francisco Bay area and not just the one or two loud stations as can be done with commercial kits." The library of Congress does not list a full name. [SOURCE] So the mystery has endured. I contacted Hope and Allen hoping they'd give me a hint. They didn't.. but here's what they told me:
"K. E. Edwards  is of course a pen name.  K. E. Edward is in the process of writing Radios That Work For Free II.  It will be available as an E book in a few months. The name "K. E. Edwards" is his wife's maiden name.  K. E. Edwards has lived in Southern Oregon for the last 32 years.  He still builds crystal sets and does research. This new book may be his last radio book, time is something everyone contends with. He would like to remain in the shadows for now."

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