Friday, July 10, 2015

Anonymous Hacks Radio Station

Anonymous is not a single person or static set of people. It's an identity used by a "legion" of people. IUd' stop short of describing their actions as having a pattern, but perhaps a common theme. On Sunday July 12th Anonymous hacked 97.3 WXXR-LP "The Bird" in Terre Haute, IN. I'd say this lacks a certain continuity in comparison to their prior works. More here.

97.3 WXXR-LP is a low power community radio station owned by Wabash Valley Educational Media. they're unusual being an active rock low power station.. but there's some value in that uniqueness. Active Rock is a decaying format, almost extinct on the commercial dial. It's interesting to see it preserved at a non-com.  They broadcast at 100 watts in MSA #212, population 61,000. For reference, that's less than half the size of Abilene, TX. Needless to say they don't even appear in that ratings book.

The message from Anonymous was bag-of-cats crazy. It's crazier than Glenn Beck crazy. I am hoping this is satire, or an over-the-top trolling. It seems more plausible to me that it's a stunt. Here are some of the highlights of their statement:
"People are already disappearing in the USA.  The homeless are being rounded up in the night by military persons and disposed of.  Mass graves are already in place as well as millions of coffins that President Obama has bought himself for the Citizens of the US. Each crematorium-ready coffin can fit 5 bodies easily."

"There are three groups: the dead group, the reeducation group, and the compliance group.   The citizens labeled for the dead group are going to be rounded up beginning in mid-July and taken to one of over 800 FEMA camps in the US each prepared to exterminate and dispose of over 220,000 people at one time."
"The citizens labeled to be reeducated will be sent to the camps to be brainwashed "reeducated" until the government deems them fit for circulation back into society.  Lastly, the compliance group are those who the government does not see as a threat but as those able to be bribed or simply weak enough to comply with anything the government demands."

Around 7:30 PM that message and more was broadcast to the citizens of  Terre Haute, IN. The source of the hack has not been revealed. Possibly their automation system, or a live feed or an STL was interrupted. Anonymous broadcast for 30 minutes, then returned to normal music programming.  SM Doug Kirkman has stated, “We are unaware of where the broadcast origin is. It did actually appear to be coming underneath our actual signal. When we looked at our computers and everything at the broadcast station, everything appeared normal though it was quite obviously not normal.”