Thursday, April 02, 2015

WCCC Signs Off

On August 1st 2014 WCCC-FM 106.9 signed off.  the station didn't cease to exist, but it might as well have. They station was sold to the Educational Media Foundation, who has aired nothing but satellite-fed soft christian schlock since that moment.

The last song they played was "Walk" by the band Pantera. The station had signed on in 1959, and went through innumerable changes. At first they were owned by a jeweler, Bill Savitt; later by a record label, Elektra records. Greater Hartford Communications bought the station in 1974 and they were from that date on, a rock station of one form or another. (except for a painful all talk experiment in the mid 1980s) Did I mention it was where Howard Stern had first big market break?

But that time has passed us by. It has been 6 hard months and the new Hartford ratings book shows the new WCCC with below a 0.1 share. They do not even appear on the ratings book. As if they don't exist. But I swear, once not long ago there was a station in Hartford and it was worth listening to. Below you can hear their last somber minutes.