Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #243

This 6.5-Inch, metal-core, Voice-O-Graph is dated September 4th 1954. My Voice-O-Graph labelography calls this a Black on Green (metal variant).  I've found them dated as early as 1951 with the green label and as late as 1955 and the Blue label of the same design as early as 1947. There are a few locations by that name:  a beach park near Cleveland, a township in New Jersey, and a neighborhood of the Bronx, NY. It's impossible now to say which it was.

Edgewater Park

The recording rates in my top 5 most bizarre out of anything I've ever digitized.The recording was partly backwards. All of it had strange audio artifacts that I'd have trouble doing without digital manipulation. the parts that are intelligible mostly consist of strange shouts, hoots and hollers toward the end I can clearly understand words.. but they do not make sense in the order they are used. It's just odd. I'm assuming that none of these people were sober.