Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #231

This is another 8-inch co-branded Capitol Pro-disc. Like the others it sports that matte-green color scheme and a metal core. The address given on the face of the label is no longer a radio shoppe. Today it's a doughnut shop. The disc is dated to 8/8/47.  So it's  a post-WWII recording. The rest of the text reads "Bette and Jerry Connors."  As you can see the disc has been sweating palmitic acid, indicating a gradual loss in condition. It can be cleaned at this point, but not without consequence.

I tried to rip the clean side first. Most of it was a total loss. The vocals are too soft in the face of all the surface noise. But as they gain confidence and my noise gate becomes more effective you can make out the chorus of Chattanooga Cho-Choo and then a spoken segment. The woman invites her mother to witness a record being made and she seems a bit mystified. But after that the bed noise rises again and buries the rest. The other side had far better levels.

Bette and Jerry

The dirty side (pictured) sounded fine after a wipe down and a little dish soap. The record opens with Bette naming her favorite song "If You Were the Only Girl (In the World)," then singing it.  Jerry sings a western song that seems familiar but I can't identify. He heard it "overseas" which I presume to be his service in WWII.The gist is that he intends to build them a home in the west now that she is his "little wife."  It sounds a bit condescending today.. but it was half a century ago.