Friday, August 01, 2014

Children in Radio Postcards

In the 1930s there was a mercifully brief and inexplicably faddish number of children-with-radio post cards. All the children are cherubic and toe headed.  All of them are European that I've seen and most of them are German in origin. This is just a sampling of the many dozen I have seen. The phrase "Der ist drollig!" translates roughly to "That's great!"  I guess those are good headphones.
There is much written about the dangers and evils of advertising to children, but very little of adverting with children. It's perfectly common now, and any browse of old magazines will show you this is nothing new. they are used both symbolically to connote newness, purity, youth or innocence. But also more literally in the sales of good that acre actually intended for children. In these context I fail to see why they were so often paired with radio technology.  Thankfully these dark days have passed.