Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc #207

This is a paper-core Wilcox-Gay Recordion acetate recording. It is labeled in pencil on the back side "Dolores Mary ? ? nac lekelede"  That last word is in the illegible ancient code known as cursive. the first track is a total loss. But the second shorter track is very clear.

Far Away Places

The three men singing in decent harmony over an organ. It seems implausibel that any of them are Dolores or Mary... perhaps she is manning the organ?  The fellows sing just the first verse or so of the old Bing Crosby number "Far Away Places"
Far away places with strange sounding names
Far away over the sea
 Those far away places with strange sounding names
Are calling, calling me
Bing Crosby did it, so did Dinah Shore, Sam Cooke, Margaret Whiting, Dean Martin, and Perry Como among others. Most of them covered the tune before 1950. It was written in 1948. But this is clearly a cover of the Bing version which was released in that year. For that reason I'm confident this recording was made between 1948 and 1950.