Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Last week I ripped my 200th acetate disc. I started digitizing and posting acetate recordings around 6 years ago. They were cheap, easy to find and are fun to digitize. That fun factor has led to my accumulating a significant collection... a very significant collection.  The time has come to begin a house-cleaning. I am starting this by posting more than thirty (30) metal-core, 12-inch acetates in two lots, and one lot of 16-inch acetates in a single lot on Ebay.

These come from my time traveling around the country digging in crates across the lower 48. I couldn't exactly tell you where I found them all. But I can eliminate North and South Dakota because I've never been there. The rest I'm not so sure about.

Some you may recognize from rips I've posted on one Tuesday night or another. Many others have never been ripped. I rarely digitize more than one from a set, so even I have heard only about half of these. I'm clearing out my closets so here's a chance to fill up yours!

12-Inch Acetates - LOT 1

12-Inch Acetates - LOT 2

16-Inch Acetates LOT