Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Transcription Mystery Disc #182

This is a paper-core Presto home recording acetate. It spins at 78 rpm and has a center start. That always throws me. It also came into my possession filthy, cracked and looking rough. It's labeled in pencil "dave Pippeiu" or it might say "Laurie Peppere" It's cursive. We will never know. But the date is clear "June 22, '47"  I gave this 66 year old disc a gentle scrub and washed the sand out of the grooves and gave it a go. Then I recoiled in horror and scrubbed it again and then tried again. Then a noise filter, some pop editing and then another noise gate... and then it was ok-ish.

Dave en espanol!

The second scrub did wonders. My guess is that it's Dave and not Laurie, the voice sounds like a young man with a soprano voice reading something in Spanish. I catch the first few words clearly "Yo tome la ____ todos los _____. He goes on haltingly in a language he's clearly still learning.