Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Transcription Mystery Disc #181

I had to give this one a good wipe down before I even tried to play it just to get the grit and sand out of the grooves.Obviously this one has gotten wet and stayed wet and rusted, cracked and started to de-laminate. It's a near death experience for an acetate. However, part of this Recordisc did survive and lived to be ripped today. It has a metal core (obviously) outer-edge start and spins at 78 rpm. It's labeled "Red Flannel" and Hot Shots"  It bears the date 11/29/41.

Hoosier Hot Shots

The Hot Shots herein are surely the Hoosier Hot Shots, a band that first appeared in 1930 on WOWO in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and continued to operate in one form or another until about 1970. They relocated to WLS in Chicago in 1933 and it is from a live syndicated broadcast there that this recording was probably made. Mutual had them on with Uncle Ezra,Merry-Go-Round Up and their own Hoosier Hot Shot Show. The clip is short.. it could have been any of them. But the song appears to be "Put On Your Old Red Flannel Nightgown" which was released on the Vocalion label #5132. That was pressed in 1939 so the chronology bears out.