Thursday, September 26, 2013


I did a reader survey last week and much to my surprise I had actual responses. To my further surprise all of my assumptions about my readers were wrong —all of them.  So let's take it from the top.

1. My readers are not all college radio DJs, though many were in the past. But almost as many have never been behind the mic in that media.
2. My readers are all over the map.  I even have specialists into Part 15, cable FM, and AM DXing. They are audiophiles, former broadcasters, in AM and FM, TV, hams, and people into archival audio. All this time I thought I was being self-indulgent with the acetates. Who knew?

  • 12% of them are College Radio DJs
  • 4% are Talk Show Hosts
  • 8% are in Broadcast Management
  • 8% are Media Consultants
  • 32% are broadcasting hobbyists
  • 72% are Broadcasting history buffs
  • 20% are engineers
  • 48% are into archival audio

 3. They have all been in broadcasting a long time. While most have about 5 years of experience, four times that number have 10 or more years in the biz.
4. My readers for the most part got out of the biz already. More than 80% of you were in broadcasting and either retired or moved on to more gainful employment. 

5. I also left a couple sections at the end for comments. Instead of trolling me, most of you left nice notes. A couple of you recommended I try to use Twitter and Tumblr. No one complained about my typos. Not one. Thank you all. I intend to press on.