Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Pennsylvania Manual

I have a great respect for mailing lists. Even with modern technology, unless you start with great source material you will be spending some serious time parsing good data from bad. Making a good, usable mailing list is tedious manual work. This is especially so in radio servicing. So when I get a hold of an interesting radio list I do my best to share.

This is a list culled from the Vol. 5  1980-1981 edition of the Pennsylvania Manual. They still made this book annually and you can download the recent edition here. While they do still include a complete listing of all radio stations in the state (AM, FM LP college high school and otherwise) that list is new and available anywhere on the internet.  But at the link below is a 33 year old edition. Some of these stations no longer exist, or exist in under different management, formats, frequencies and even locations. You can download all 10MB below: