Friday, August 02, 2013

Open Source Jazz Servicing

This is an experiment. If you don't already have a radio servicing list, and you can't buy one the only way to make one is the hard way. You make lists, you cross-out and you add...manually, pen and paper, excel and notepad.  There are no short cuts. 

I spent some real time making a jazz servicing list. This list includes the few full time jazz stations in the US, the entire Jazz week panel, CMJ panel, Jazz Services Panel, the old Hits panel, the old Gavin Panel, and every single jazz specialty program. I included only programs playing new releases, and excluded smooth jazz. I cross referenced the list with station websites and trade magazine data to see what existed and what did not. It includes easily a hundred non-reporting programs. This is the motherfucker of all jazz radio servicing lists.

I've collated it all in a .ods spreadsheet into the following  tabs:
Canada - Stations in Canada playing Jazz
Primary Jazz -  Stations that are airing Jazz for a substantial part of their music programming.
Specialty- Stand alone Jazz programs
Syndicated/Other -Network programs, Podcasts, Satellite Services etc.
 I am going to give this away. In return I ask that those that use it report back errors so that I can make corrections. If the idea gets traction I may share it in a more interactive format.  My total tally is 104 Primary Jazz stations, 221 Specialty Shows, 22 syndicated programs and 34 Canadian stations. You can download it all in .ods spreadsheet format: