Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Transcription Mystery Disc #172

This Pepsi Disc was filthy, totally filthy. I had to carefully wipe it down. I play back it's cracked splintered surface at 33 rpm then correct the speed digitally. Miraculously, the source audio survived the process. As you can see from the image the outermost grooves are destroyed, but the recording picks up mid sentence in listenable condition. The disc is a 78 rpm, paper-core 6-inch Pepsi co-branded Recordisc, clearly of the make distributed to servicemen in WWII. So I expect this was made between 1941 and 1945, with the later date being far more probable. Though some sources loosely date them to 1942. There are a few undated others floating about the internet too.
Jerry's Love Letter
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The audio is of a man named Jerry reading a love letter to his fiancé. She goes unnamed here except as darling and honey. He has a strange cadence that reminds me of Dan Smith from the band Listener. It's kind of like poetry, but also just kind of like he's reading a well-rehearsed letter. Please excuse the new MP3 player today. Divshare is down again. I have no idea why the Cincopa player adds random cover art, but I did learn that removing it is a premium feature.