Thursday, April 11, 2013

Radio Program Guide

I didn't know that any radio stations still printed these anymore. This is an endangered species, the radio station program guide. This one is an annual instead of a monthly or quarterly which were once common. But this one is 130 pages long!  Though easily 75% of that is advertisements for churches, retirement communities, bus lines,investment services, home furnishings, bible colleges, flooring, plumbers, garages, windows, insurance, hardware stores, grocery shops, butcher shops, dairy farms, buffets, lawyers, and surprisingly even a synagogue.

Most of the rest of the booklet is short articles about theology. It has a single page with head shots of their on air staff and operations staff. But and burred in the middle, broken up by ads for a dairy, two garages, a feed mill, a lumber mill and a candle shop is the schedule. Which makes up about four pages if stuck back together. Surprisingly they have some syndicated music programming at night. Bill Pearce's Night Sounds runs for half an hour at 11:30 PM on Saturdays, and then for an hour starting at 4:00 AM Saturday morning is Roger Basick's Music Thru the Night. Neither of those are secular programs but they're not as overtly religious. On a station that remains primarily religious talk, these remain notable.